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Learn to craft scrumptious vegan nut cheezes with your own hands, transforming that sense of lack ("I don’t eat dairy anymore") into one of abundance!

Maybe you love cheese but dairy doesn’t love you. Or maybe you have friends with dairy allergies and don’t know how to accommodate them with delicious non-dairy alternatives. Perhaps you want to try being vegan but just can’t seem to let go of cheese (I know that was my experience!). Or maybe you’re just an adventurous soul wanting to try something different. These are all great reasons to sign up for this clear, simple, and engaging online class.

In a supportive environment, you’ll learn to make a variety of delicious and nutritious fermented nut cheezes (and I spell that with a ‘z’ because they are vegan and there’s no dairy involved in this process!). All recipes come with step by step videos and PDF’s, as well as an opportunity to ask any questions that may arise as you try your hand at making your own flavorful dairy cheese alternatives. You don’t need any specialized equipment so sign up and get started today!

Praise for this course:

This nut cheeze is absolutely delicious! It’s not only good ‘for a vegan cheese’ it’s good all by itself, and I would say as good if not better than any gourmet dairy cheese! ~ Garry (Journalist)

I've just completed the Fermented Nut Cheeze Online Class and I've made my first batch - a Macadamia Nut Pesto Cheeze. Nicky's practical approach  and simple directions made it very easy to follow along. I'm reasonably  comfortable in the kitchen but fermentation was completely new to me.  She answered my questions and made me feel really comfortable (and  excited) to dive right in. I can't wait to make my next batch AND for  the next online course! This cheeze is a HUGE hit around my house! ~ Frances (Travel Advisor & Government Employee)

As someone who both desperately loves cheese, and knows full well that their body isn’t meant to consume it – this was exactly what I needed.  I’m super excited to try out some of these delicious recipes and recommend this workshop to everyone! ~ Stephanie (ENGO Program Coordinator)

Nicky's Nut Cheeze Workshop was simply excellent! She is extremely knowledgeable but also remembers what it's like to be a newbie. Nicky is patient and willing to answer any question and her step-by-step instructions make it easy to understand how to make nut cheeze. The  final product is incredibly delicious and I would highly recommend her  workshop to anyone looking for a plant-based way to enjoy cheese. ~ Tracey (University Faculty)

I took the fermented cheeze workshop with Nicky and Judy when they were developing it, a bit before they realized just how high the demand would be. After a series of sold out performances with the live workshop, they realized there was no option but to put it online and let everyone have the opportunity to change their lives like the workshop changed mine.

I am serious about the life change. I am one of those people who was vegetarian for decades. I just couldn’t give up my cheese. Eventually I did, maybe six or seven years ago, and got the good advice to totally stay away from the commercial vegan cheezes until I got the taste of real cheese out of my system. At the time, it was good advice, but even after months went by I found that I was never totally happy with the commercial products. I found my “least disappointing” brand, and did buy it regularly, trying to ignore the ingredients list, but since my experience with Nicky and Judy’s workshop, I have not bought it again. That was months ago. I no longer miss cheese. That was life changing.

Last spring I visited Toronto, and took the opportunity to cheat, far away from home where no one would ever see me. I went to Kensington Market and purchased 100g of that five year old white cheddar you can only get far away from Cape Breton. They wouldn’t sell any less. I didn’t like it. I prefer what I now make in my own home, thanks to Nicky and Judy.

Don’t try the other recipes on-line first, take the dive. I have tried a few and they are not as simple to make. Yes, I said simple. Those recipes have more ingredients, things you have to buy in an attempt to get the flavour right, or the texture right, or the smell right. Just take this workshop and change your life. As a bonus you will be eating cheeze that you made yourself, with ingredients you know, plus a touch of fermentation to make it even better for you, and tastier.

If you are vegan, wanting to be vegan, milk intolerant, or just love exotic and delicious things that are secretly simple to make, you have found your solution. Nicky and Judy are wonderful, warm, knowledgeable, and great teachers too. ~ Madeline (GRYPHON media productions)

About the Instructor

Raw Food Educator

Nicky Duenkel

Hi! I’m Nicky Duenkel and, among other things, I’m a Raw Food Educator certified through the Raw Food Foundation in Vancouver.One of the things I'm passionate about is vegan raw food and helping people incorporate more plant-based foods into their lifestyles. And I don’t mean by eating more carrot sticks (although raw veggies are a good snack!). My focus is really on easy to prepare yet gourmet raw foods. My vision for these workshops is to offer ideas for sustainable, organic, raw recipes that nourish and heal body, mind, and soul. My hope is to help continue to raise our awareness (and I do mean our, because I’m continually learning myself!) about what we are choosing to ingest and why we might make different choices. And on a larger level, when I say ingest, I mean everything from our food choices to our media choices – we tend to take in toxins in this world on a lot of different levels.My mantra in a few words is: Eat Whole Foods Consciously!Contact me with any questions

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

What on earth is fermented nut cheeze?!

The cheese you are familiar with has four basic ingredients: dairy milk from a variety of mammals, salt, some form of “good bacteria”, and rennet (another animal product) for the enzymes to produce curds. Nut cheeze has a similar process, but without the use of animal products. You start with nuts – again, you can use a variety of them: cashews, almonds, and macadamia are most common – which you make into a “milk” by soaking and rinsing in water and then processing in a blender. Probiotics are also added (the “good bacteria”) and the cheeze is allowed to ferment for 24-48 hours. You can then flavor and form it to your taste. Since the cheeze is fermented it's chock full of probiotics (microorganisms that support vital health, particularly digestion). The texture is similar to that of a dairy cream cheese or spread. It's great on crackers as well as in meals like lasagna or topping off a baked potato. Some cheezes can also be aged so that they become sliceable!

Do I need specialized equipment to make nut cheeze?

No! Alternatives are offered for any specialized equipment that may be used in these videos. So, for example, although a high speed blender would make the process faster and easier, you can certainly start with the regular blender you already own. We also use relatively inexpensive nut milk bags ($3-$10) for draining the solids from the liquids which happens as part of the process, but you could use several layers of cheesecloth or a jelly bag you already have on hand.

How is this nut cheeze different than what I can buy in the store?

The nut cheezes you'll learn to make in this class will differ in three ways. Freshness: Making your own nut cheeze means a fresher product that will always have good texture. Versatility: The recipes are also incredibly versatile in terms of flavoring and so can be adapted to your personal tastes. Convenience: Though nut cheeze is a growing industry, it can still be somewhat of a challenge to find other than in specialty health food stores. These cheezes will rival any other dairy alternatives you find on the market!

Why pay for this course rather than just get free recipes online?

The best reasons for taking this course are the passion, research, and  preparation that have gone into creating it! After over 30 years as an experiential educator, Nicky brings her expertise to show and describe the raw nut cheeze making process. She is adept at breaking the procedures down into manageable steps – often anticipating questions before they arise. Included are nutritional tips and some information about sourcing the ingredients. This is a full picture and great for people who need to see and then do!

How long do I have access to the class for once I register?

Once registered, you have lifetime access. Take the class at your own pace and in your own time.

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