Raw Chocolate Level 1 (lifetime access)

Learn to make scrumptious and nutritious raw chocolates to enjoy and to gift!

Learn to make incredible Raw Chocolates in your own kitchen and turn eating (and sharing!) chocolate into something delicious and nutritious rather than merely consuming empty calories.

We have all heard or read about the amazing health benefits of chocolate, but what we don’t realize is that these reports are generally not referring to the average chocolate bar you can buy at the corner store (dang misleading researchers!). The health benefits of chocolate come from the properties of cacao itself -- the cacao beans in raw or minimally-processed forms.

In this class you’ll learn to make simple raw chocolate treats in your own kitchen (no special equipment needed) knowing that they’re not only totally delicious but also full of antioxidants, heathy flavonoids, an abundance of minerals like magnesium, B-vitamins, vitamin E, fiber, and protein. Enjoy your healthy delectable raw cacao treats yourself or share them with loved ones – over the holidays or any day!

Praise for this Course:

I highly recommend learning about raw chocolate, or any other delicious workshop that Nicky Duenkel offers! Nicky is an engaging instructor and the chocolate is mouth-watering . I particularly love her attention to detail in the presentation of all the treats that she shared with us! ~ Catherine (University Faculty)

I really enjoyed this raw chocolate class with Nicky! It was super informative and nice to learn that we can still have chocolate and in a more healthy way! You don’t need any special equipment and there are so many great recipes to experiment with! Definitely worth taking this class if you’re a chocolate lover! ~ Corrina (BAE1)

This class was interesting enough that I felt a sense of accomplishment with the finished products, and yet simple enough instructions that I can make them again. And I have, many times! Lovely teaching style and delicious healthy chocolates. Great class! ~ Nadine (Parks Canada)

I am a chocolate lover, and am really picky about the chocolate I consume. I had tried different raw chocolates in the past, but never liked their texture or their taste. And then I tried Nicky's chocolates, and now nothing else compares -- raw or non-raw chocolates! Try these chocolates. You will not be disappointed. ~Matthew (Contractor)

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Nicky Duenkel
Nicky Duenkel
Raw Food Educator

About the instructor

Hi! I’m Nicky Duenkel and, among other things, I’m a Raw Food Educator certified through the Raw Food Foundation in Vancouver.

One of the things I'm passionate about is vegan raw food and helping people incorporate more plant-based foods into their lifestyles. And I don’t mean by eating more carrot sticks (although raw veggies are a good snack!). My focus is really on easy to prepare yet gourmet raw foods. My vision for these workshops is to offer ideas for sustainable, organic, raw recipes that nourish and heal body, mind, and soul. My hope is to help continue to raise our awareness (and I do mean our, because I’m continually learning myself!) about what we are choosing to ingest and why we might make different choices. And on a larger level, when I say ingest, I mean everything from our food choices to our media choices – we tend to take in toxins in this world on a lot of different levels.

My mantra in a few words is: Eat Whole Foods Consciously!

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Course Curriculum

Learn to make these incredible Raw Chocolates:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is raw chocolate?

Raw chocolate is fundamentally different than the regular chocolate you can buy at the local store. The cocoa used in most commercial chocolate bars is exposed to high heat and chemical processes that significantly impact its nutritional value. Raw chocolate on the other hand (made with cacao), typically not exposed to the same processes, retains its natural antioxidants, healthy enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Thus, it is not only delicious but also nutritious!

There is some contention these days as to whether commercially available cacao beans are really completely raw (as in they’ve never been exposed to heat above 45C). Our understanding is that all cacao beans undergo an initial fermentation process in which the temperatures may be higher than ideal, but subsequent to that temperatures are well monitored. What’s most important to us is that cacao has higher nutritional value than cocoa, and that all products we use, and encourage others to use, are of highest quality and fairly traded.

Will kids like raw chocolate?

In our experience, they definitely will! (And it can be our secret that these raw chocolates are also good for them!) As one young boy told us, "People think kids don't know good chocolate, but we do. And Nicky's chocolate is definitely the best I have ever had." ~ Jai, (11 years old)

How long will I have access to this online course?

Once registered you have access forever so can learn at your own pace, and return to recipes and course information as often as you'd like.

Is there a difference between cacao and cocoa?

Well, yes and no. Both come from the beans of the Theobroma Cacao tree. Simply stated, cocoa (more familiar to us) is roasted cacao. Cacao remains mostly unheated whereas cocoa is exposed to high heat and other chemical processes, and thus doesn’t contain the same nutritional value as cacao. So there is a difference in taste, nutrition, and cost. Cacao is superior in the first two categories and it costs more precisely because it tastes better and is more nutritious.

Are these raw chocolates vegan?

Yes, everything we make, and teach others how to make, is vegan (therefore   dairy free), gluten free, and free of refined cane sugar. All of the cacao products we use and recommend (cacao paste, cacao butter, cacao nibs, cacao powder) are also Fairtrade.

Do the recipes in this class contain nuts?

Yes, some recipes in this class do contain nuts. The truffles contain a nut butter of your choice and the cool mint patties contain dried coconut (not actually a nut).

Will I need special equipment to make raw chocolates?

No. You already have everything you need in your home kitchen for Raw Chocolate Level 1 (as long as you own a blender :)).

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